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The Fandom

I started this undertaking sort of by accident. I reached out to an actor in a series I liked explaining that I written poetry inspired by the character they portray and asked if they would do a casual reading of it. Incredibly, they did. Little did I know how addictive it would be to hear your favorites read words you wrote for them. 

This page will house both the informal video readings I've collected as well as poems which I'm still trying to get read.

Michelle Hurd reads "Hearts Like Houses"

Written for the character of Raffi in Star Trek: Picard, giving love and respect to the messiness of her struggles with family, friendship and addiction.

Emily Coutts reads "A History of Flight"

Star Trek: Discovery's Lt. Keyla Dettmer is the cool, tough-chick pilot that a lot of people love, but it's hinted at that she has a more reflective side.  I felt like she would know a little something about the forgotten history of women in aviation.

Rachael Ancheril reads "Milkweed Seeds" 

Star Trek: Discovery's Commander Nhan embodies the idea of thriving in environments that were not meant for you. The botany theme turned out to be more apt than expected, as the actress herself is a plant enthusiast.

Doug Jones reads "Mighty is the Man" 

Star Trek: Discovery's Saru had such a wonderful journey as he reckoned with the role that fear played in his life. It was so emotionally satisfying to see that I had to write a sonnet about it. Doug, who portrays him so sensitively under eighty pounds of makeup, blows my mind with his reading. 

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