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Or, What Jen Decided to Take Up During Quarantine

I started screenwriting during quarantine because, well, I was going out of my mind and wanted to try something new. I think it's going rather well.


The Story, In Brief

Two of my favorite actresses were doing an insta live one evening in late 2020. I wantonly offered to write them a movie. They told me exactly what kind of movie they wanted. It was all a joke until I sat down and produced the first draft in ten days. 

That little script that could has blossomed into a portfolio of four features and two shorts, a whole bunch of placements in some pretty fancy contests, and now a spot on the International Screenwriter's Association Development Slate. 2021 has been a good year.

Look, Some Laurels

There are more, but to be honest I'm not organized enough to tell you where I kept all the laurels.

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