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If I Were a God

For Q

If I were a god, would you lay at my altar?

Seek my favor? 

Beg my blessing? 

If I were a god I might grant it

And the infinite verse would be 

No bigger or smaller for the giving. 


If I were a god, I’d be

the most radiant, most terrible
sight that you would love and fear. 

Trees would grow from my hair and 

Mountains down my stomach

Rain pounding down from my skin 

And the lightning in my eyes

Would make you run for shelter

Even as you longed for me. 


Odin? Zeus? Kali?


Odin gave his eye for poetry but 

I’ve got both mine

And can still spit lines that

Call grapes from the vine

Make them turn themselves to wine.

Would you like some?


If I were a god, I’d smell like stars on fire.

Would you want to be shepherded?

Cherished? Desired? 

Did nobody tell you what happens 

to those who are loved by gods? 


If I were a god, I’d be

king of angels, or 

queen of the underworld, or

the non binary sovereign of 

glitter, feather boas, & too much bass–


If I were a god, 

I’d be a raging id, 

have a credit card with no limit and

the brilliant, brutal cosmos 

would be my Sak’s Fifth Avenue.


But I’d show you dawn on Jupiter, 

we’d take tea on the floor of the sea,

we’d play pool with Amaterasu—

Nine ball, corner pocket,

Just for you.


Whether you risk being shattered

By the moods of a petty, jealous deity

Would be yours to decide. 


Making you lay your heart down for

A capricious being whose hands drip magic,

That I could not do. 


Making you want to be wrapped up in

the noctilucent clouds of my heavens,

is a delicious thought. 

But alas,

making you love me would be 

the one thing beyond my powers.


Would, my dear, that it were not.

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